Week 6.5 – I Always Keep My Promises

Holy cow! I kept my promise! I’ve been struggling with the whole “I always keep my promises” from the beginning of the chore/service cards. I did not get that first thing done, nor the second, and so continued the failure. Ugh. I kept quiet because I was afraid of getting kicked out.

Week before last, Davene talked about soldiering on (my words, not hers), regardless of how well we had done previously. I took that to heart, and am soldiering on. It isn’t perfect, but as Mark says, I’m not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

But – just now – I set a timer as I had my morning smoothie – 15 minutes to have my smoothie and read some blogs and comment on them. My hope was that I would get to read the several that I had opened in my tabs. No such luck. I did comment on a few posts, but at the end of the 15 minutes I still had many to go, and I was in the middle of reading one. My old blueprint told me to just reset the timer, or to just finish reading the post. But – it hit me – I had already done what I set out to do, which was to have my smoothie and read, and comment on, some blog posts. Out of nowhere, I heard, “I always keep my promises.” And just like that, I minimized the window.

This subbie thing works!!! Mark and Davene have been telling us that subbie has our back, but I wasn’t sure MY subbie had my back, because of my failures in being faithful to the exercises. And now, what Mark says about not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good – I see that too! How cool it is, that even as I struggle with doing everything perfectly and with my perfectionist tendencies, that I can still reprogram and have success. Mind-blowing. A real watershed moment for me. Holy cow.

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  • Martin says:

    Well done Suzanne, you have connected with this scroll right from the start. Enjoy living with this scroll. I am sure you’re understanding will deepen.

  • Liane says:

    Doing what you set out to do, that’s all it takes. You’ve got it. I think it is normal that we don’t do everything right from the beginning so no need to be afraid, we are there to help when it is difficult.