Week 21 – Quiet Week

It’s been a rather quiet week. For most of the week I was not feeling well, so although the daily sits and readings got done, not much service was done as I was in bed much of the week.

It’s also been a painful week. Two steps forward, five back. Kind of tired of the darned seesaw motion. I really wish I could have a couple good weeks straight.

Suffice it to say, I think the words to these lyrics sum things up pretty well.

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  • Acquire the healing conscious! I also have been feeling slow. I had my knee joint redone. I focus on running jumping, kneeling and being happy. Blessings of a couple of good weeks being sent your way. Thanks for sharing Suzanne…!

  • Ambush says:

    I love the song – very fitting! Hope you feel better 🙂

  • Roz says:

    Your value on this planet is determined by your sincerity in dealing with those around you. Even as you sit….

  • Liane says:

    Sometimes we just hang in there until we are ready to move on again.