Week 18 – Scroll V – Living Each Day As The Last

I have always been a worry wart. It’s not something I enjoyed, but I accepted it as part of who I am.

In Scroll V we are challenged to live each and every day as if it is our last day, and to love our families and work our hardest, and if by chance we wake up the next morning, to be on our knees in gratitude.

Last week was a tough one with reading the obituaries, particularly because it brought back my sense of loss of my dad. Sooooo many MKMMA fellow members were so kind to comment and express their condolences on my loss. As the week went on, and I lived my father’s words of always doing my best, I started to somewhat enjoy reading the obituaries.

This week has brought up a lot of memories. My mom made sure that we lived life to the fullest, and one of the ways she did that was she made memories every chance she got. Whether it was teaching us to roll dumplings, or eating mangoes on the back steps, or making cherry juice. She has always thrown herself into everything she did, and in doing that, she made beautiful and special memories for all of us. We had a standing beach vacation every summer for two weeks. You can watch the video here of the beach we went to most often.



Anyway, back to Scroll V…

Each day I have read the scroll, I have been challenged to put aside anger, fear, feelings of inadequacy, and the desire to work during what should be playtime, or family time. I have been challenged to be present. Because of that challenge, I have taken more time to play and to build Lincoln Log houses, and to read “one more” story. I was much more quickly able to stop feeling hurt in a particular situation this week that would usually have caused a lot more heartache and festered for a good while. If it is my last day, would I want that to be the last thing I felt, and the last communication between us? Thinking about this, and also thinking of what the folks whose obituaries I read would have wanted, would have given up to have one more day, has affected me more than any article or book on mindfulness or being present.

Worry has also been less prevalent this week. One of the scriptures my mummy likes to quote is Matthew 6:34:

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

She has quoted this pretty much every time I have expressed concern for something in the future. I’ve got to say, it fits in very well this week with Scroll V and I have thought of it, every time I have read the scroll.

All in all, this has been a more peaceful week, with much less worry, which is always good. I am really enjoying this scroll.



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  • Cherylan Hils says:

    Love this!! 🙂

  • Liane says:

    Hi Suzanne, as usual full of personal feelings, honesty and a glimpse into your life. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Roz says:

    Being in the present. Stops a whole lot of nonsense. Give thanks!