Master Key Week 3 – The Red Circles

red circle

Tomatoes, the cover of the red Play Doh cup, the plastic bowl in the drainer, the round plate holder and the red bubble bottle…

Red circles are everywhere, it seems, this week. It’s not surprising, since this week, in our Master Keys class, we were told to link red circles with our chore.

For the second week in a row, we are working on habits by means of completing chores. Whether it’s cleaning out the car or closet, or exercising, or some other chore that we can do for free, and that requires no one else’s help, by making a commitment to do this chore by a certain date, and by linking it to the color and shape for this week, and telling ourselves that we always keep our promises, we are training our minds to believe that we can, and do, keep our commitments. The chore, added to the habits we are working on, like reading the Blueprint Builder, the Greatest Salesman in the World, etc. is impressing upon our subconscious the things we do, over time, will become habit, leaving us to consciously do other things.

The idea is that our habits that we are learning will become as second nature to us, as the involuntary tasks of breathing, yawning and blinking. When good habits are involuntary, like muscle memory, it leaves our conscious mind to ponder and work on other things.

One of the things we’ve been told to figure out is what we will give up to achieve our Definite Major Purpose. For me, I have decided that I am going to give up checking into Facebook as much as I usually do. I’ve already cut way down and am checking it between three and five times a day, down from at least once every hour I am awake.




On Monday night, I elected to remove myself from 20 Facebook groups. Yes, 20! Many were groups that I had joined thinking I might be able to somehow promote my business within the group. Most members have the same idea, so they are “posting and running”. I don’t need the noise, so I left. Several were groups formed around a cause, or for an event now long gone. It felt good to clean things up. Freeing, in fact.

Next on my list will be going to bed by 10:30 p.m. THAT may be the hardest yet, as I am a night owl.

Already, though, I am more at peace. I have a lot more productive time and am much nicer when I am not on Facebook so much.

The no-electronics rule right before bed is proving to be one of the hardest things, because usually when everyone is asleep, and I’m not tired enough to sleep, is when I do my reading, whether it is personal development or something to help with my business. Because I have more Kindle books these days than real paper books, the pickings are often slim.

It’s early days yet, but already I feel a shift. Already I have the belief that I will accomplish my goals. Already I find that I am gentler, and I’m finding more ways to serve others (not that hard for me, as this is a big part of who I am), because only in service to others can I meet my goals.

Until next time, same place… 😉

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  • Liane says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    It is great to see how you dig in in doing the exercises and give up those things that clog up your life, and the first results are already showing, perfect. It is a pleasure for me to be on this journey with you and to see where you are going. Liane

  • Jenni Ryan says:

    Great post! I love how you associate the red colour to the chores. Yes I feel the shift too. Glad to be on this journey.