Master Key Week 2 – Never Let The Method Influence The Intention

The thing that I resonated most with in this week’s call was that we should not allow the method to influence our intentions. Broken down into every day language, if the desire and intention is to go to Hawaii (a nod to Mark and Davene), but the bank account says there is not enough money to do so…then we need to let the subconscious work on the intention, with NO regard for how we will get there. Because the method is but ONE way of achieving the intention, and if the subconscious is left alone to work on the intention with no hindrance, then it will find a way.

For a practical, details oriented person like me, this is not the easiest thing to do. I have a need to know the details, and I have been accused of overanalysing something to death (my husband’s words). The “woo-woo” idea of not planning something was interesting to say the least. In fact, had it not been for a recent experience, I would likely have seen it as just that – “woo-woo”. As I am typing this, I realize that even bigger than this recent experience was in my mind, there was a much deeper heart’s desire that was fulfilled.

Ok, so enough with the suspense…last month I was blessed to be able to attend my company’s annual convention. I had not planned on going, even though I know the importance of going. to these events, because I had made plans to go to an out-of-state college visit with my daughter, who is a high school senior this year. On August 22, I was named the winner of a ticket to Convention. I was incredulous. The practical side of me told me to sell the ticket, but my daughter was adamant that I was going to go, and that we were going to put off the college trip. She would not waver. The “method” had not yet presented itself. Two days later, it did, unexpectedly, and I realized that maybe I was meant to go after all. What is interesting was that it had only been a few weeks before that I had said that I wished I was going, because there was going to be recognition, and I was to be included.

The event was at Disneyland. After lunch the first full day after I arrived, a group of three of us got into California Adventureland for free, with an employee, otherwise known as a “Cast Member”. We walked almost 9 miles that afternoon. My husband and older daughter like to tease me and say that I have lost my childlikeness, but that day, everything was magical, and I was like a wide-eyed child all over again. I was living out one of my most earnest desires – to go to Disneyland.

Today, I experienced this intention phenomenon again.

Last year I “met” an amazingly talented SAT tutor. We talked by phone, she gave me tips to pass on to my daughter, and we have kept in touch. When my daughter took the SAT last year, I emailed her to tell her about the scores. She was excited. Based on everything the other online tutors said about her, and everything we talked about, I knew she was the tutor I wanted to work with my daughter. There was only one challenge – the pocketbook. The wallet. The bank account. Whatever you want to call it, that method was saying no to my intention. I acknowledged that the pocketbook was saying no. And then I disregarded it. I did not dwell on it, nor did I worry about it. I did not even pray about it. I just knew I wanted it to happen. Today, it did. My daughter and this fabulous tutor worked together. And after that, an even greater opportunity opened up – my daughter will be working with her once a week, until the SAT in November. She will get four more sessions with this amazing tutor, who I wanted so desperately for her to work with. Here’s the thing – when I knew I wanted them to work together, I had not even said how many sessions I thought would be good. I had no predisposition that way, and, indeed, it was probably better that way…because the conscious mind probably would have had a fit.

What I normally would think of as “woo-woo”….well, let’s say I  am changing my mind. Hmmm….what burning desire do I have for myself now? I’m excited to see how my subconscious starts working…

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  • Liane says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    It is so beautiful to see how quickly you manage to make the link between the material you learn and your everyday life. Those “miracles” are all over the place and as soon as we are aware and look it becomes a magical life, even Disney is no comparison.

  • Dennis says:

    Loved your story example! The only “woo-woo” was the sound of your train climbing the hill of a new learning adventure… well done!

  • Dominica says:

    🙂 sounds very familiar 🙂 I have experienced this quite a lot in my life, and started gradually having faith in it: if it’s meant to be, it will be, even if now i can not believe it. And if it’s not happening, it’s because it’s not what’s best for me nor for anyone else involved. But yes, my conscious mind still is struggling with it, the practical issues, wanting to be ‘in control’ of them and so on…. way to go 🙂

    • Suzanne says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Dominica! And yes, sometimes doors close because they are not meant to be open – at that time, or ever.

  • Ambush says:

    Beautiful stuff! You are fantastic 🙂

  • Robert Rea says:

    Hello, I’m a classmate and will visit everyone’s Blog soon. It was hard for me to reach out to anyone. Now I’m reaching out to everyone. So this message is brief. Glad to be on the journey with you. I offer any help which I can render
    Thank You
    Robert Rea