Master Key Week 1 – A New Life

“…today I am a new man, with a new life.”

These are the last words in the first scroll in the bestselling book, The Greatest Salesman in the World. Written by Og Mandino, the book has been one of the most highly recommended books for those in the sales profession. What is interesting is that this book, although valuable for anyone in the field of sales, is not really a manual for being a better salesperson; instead, it is a manual for those wanting to become better in their lives overall, by harnessing the power of thought, intent, habit, and emotion.

As a participant in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance class of 2015, I have committed to reading The Greatest Salesman in the World three times a day. In the morning and after my midday meal, I am to read it in silence, and at night, I am to read it right before bed, loudly and emphatically.

I signed up last year for the MKMMA, as it is affectionately called by participants and the leaders. After the first session, I realized that I was not ready to take the plunge to commit to it fully, so I withdrew, hoping to do it another year. This year is that year. I am so ready for a breakthrough. The program is an intense 26 week commitment that requires weekly webinars that are 90-120 minutes long, as well as daily reading. As Mark Januszewski says, “Your mind works daily, so you need to work your mind daily.”

Frankly, when I first heard it was the time of year for MKMMA signups again, I was not sure I had the time. My life is extremely full, with homeschooling two children, my home business, and managing my home, in addition to the various activities my children participate in. I also recently made a commitment to getting my next promotion in my company. When I expressed my hesitation to a friend who has been through the course, he suggested to me that I could end up with more time on my hands as I learned to eliminate distractions, and that the course would probably help me to get my promotion faster. Intrigued, I decided to make the time to watch the introductory videos. It was hard to sit through all three of them to get to the place where I could apply for the scholarship, but I wanted to fully understand what I was committing to before I applied again this year. At the end of the last video, my daughter asked if I was going to apply. When I told her I was seriously considering it, she told me she was also interested. We decided to go for it, because we both need more time in our lives and more focus, and we both need a better blueprint.

Now that the first webinar has been completed, here are my observations:

  • Being loud and/or dramatic while reading my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) inside my house is really hard, with my husband and daughters around.
  • Sitting completely still for 15 minutes was not as difficult as I thought it would be, and I think I may actually like to do that more than once a day, particularly on days that are stressful. Taking the time to be completely still was rewarding, in that it gives me permission to stop moving, to stop multitasking and to just “be”.
  • The directive to not get onto any electronics after my nighttime reading will be difficult to some degree, because I often do my reading for business right before bed, and because I like to highlight ONLY in Kindle books, it means that I will have to find some time to do this reading at another time.
  • It seems that hard things are being thrown at me now that I have made the decision to better myself. This is neither new nor completely unexpected, but it is annoying. In the moment, however, as I am feeling overwhelmed, or sad, or whatever I am feeling, I am learning to stop, take a deep breath (or two), and refocus my thoughts on the positive, rather than engaging and languishing in the negative. I acknowledge the feeling, but move past it and attempt to deal patiently with whoever is around me in that moment. That last part may be the hardest part for me. I look forward to controlling myself and my moods and expressions of them the most.

All in all, this is exciting, overwhelming, and everything in between. It will be an interesting six months, for sure. Be sure to come back and see how I am doing!

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