Week 17a – Grief and the Laws of the Mind

This week, we are supposed to be reading obituaries – at least one every day, being sure to look at the picture of the deceased. Frankly, I’m resisting it big time. I don’t know why we are supposed to read them, and I don’t care about the rationale.

The last obituary I read was that of my father. I helped write it. I haven’t read another in almost a year and a half. I don’t want to read obituaries. I’m trying to practice the Law of Substitution, in remembering my daddy’s laugh and how we used to watch kung fu movies. I’m doing that so I don’t drown in the sadness that is instinctive when I think of no longer being able to talk to him. I’m counting on the Law of Practice, that my consistent practice of the Law of Substitution is going to kick in, although it doesn’t feel like it.

I know Daddy wouldn’t want me crying. He was a pretty emotional person and I saw (and heard) him cry a good many times. But he loved to laugh, and loved to laugh uproariously.

In honor of him, here are two of my very favorite songs. I will likely be back later this week. It’s just a bit too much right now.




I did not have any disagreements with Daddy or things left unsaid before he died, but this song has always spoken to me. I just wish I had had more time.


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